House of Dagen (day-jhen): One of the founding Houses of the current culture of Nokomis or Second Earth. Blue, blue eyes, and dark, dark hair describes a Dagen best. Their friendship with the Jormungands predates the dawning of the newest age.

Bann Dagen (ban): One of the first proponents of the golden age of freedom, yet very much a man rooted in the old, earthly ways of society. Closest friend of the Mystic (Arkin Jormungand). Father to Jordan, Cassandra, and Damyn. He is considered a man of morals as well as a man of duty.

Cassandra Dagen (kuh-sand-druh): A girl-woman of fifteen. Only daughter of Bann Dagen. Sister to Jordan and Damyn. Works as a caregiver for the Mystic’s wife. Currently, the only woman off limits to the Mystic.

Damyn Dagen (day-min): A boy-man of fifteen who is not full of himself, per se, but rather full of words. Youngest son of Bann Dagen. Half-brother to Jordan and Cassandra. Commonly referred to as the bastard. Coincidentally, he and Cassandra were born on the same day although they have different mothers. Although he has the blue, blue eyes of a Dagen his golden-flecked hair marks his otherness.

Jordan Dagen (jord-in): A young man of seventeen. The oldest child of Bann Dagen, and older brother to Cassandra and Damyn.

House of Jormungand (jor-mun-ginn): One of the founding houses of the current culture of Nokomis or Second Earth. Jormungands are leaders, never followers.

 Arkin Jormungand (ark-in): Also known as the Mystic, ruler of the entire known world. Allows all his subjects freedom, and has an insatiable appetite for virgins.

Minya Jormungand (min-yah): the youngest daughter of the Mystic.

Orji (or-jee): A mutant from the desert. Perhaps the last creation of those called earthlings.

Swen Jormungand (swen): The oldest daughter of the Mystic.

The Priesthood: Those priests that follow the religion of the Bible of the Sun.

 Father Howcum: One of the newer priests to the priesthood, missing all of his past but none of his future.

Father Panis (pan-iss): The head of the entire priesthood. His power is only surpassed by the Mystic and God.

 Father Tillicum (till-ah-cum): A priest with no eyebrows but never lacking in promises.

House of Liwanu (lee-wah-new): One of the major founding Houses of Nokomis or Second Earth. Dark skin, yellow hair, and green eyes set them apart from other Liwanuans.    

 Kalala: The wife of King Ago, Queen of Liwanu.

Lord Ago (ah-go): The King of Liwanu.

Nnamdi (nam-dee): A boy of two. Son of Kalala and Lord Ago.

Rabb: A boy of four. Son of Kalala and Lord Ago.

House of Virote (vee-rote): One of the minor founding Houses of Nokomis or Second Earth. Money has turned them into a major House.

Lord Virote: The current ruler of Kana.

Sar (zar): The son of Lord Virote, somewhere between the ages of 2 and 4.

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