Numerous cults have sprung up since the loss of laws. The Mystic does not promote their existence but he also does nothing to disallow or hinder them. Here is a brief list of popular cults (though by no means all-inclusive):

Cult of Andres: a group of men who dream of living and reproducing without passing through women. In fact, they hate women. They believe that perfection can only be achieved by masculine pregnancy. Both Cleon and Gannon are members of this cult.

Cult of A Clockwork Orange: A cult based on Anthony Burgess’ novel A Clockwork Orange. Overall, they are a gang that believes in “ultra-violence” and power. They create massive amounts of random violence during the hours of night. Random violence is the pledge held by all initiates. They wear only the color orange and have an obsession with wearing clocks and watches.

Cult of Dionysus: Based around Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. Many women have disappeared to go with this cult of dancing, wine, and orgies. To join one must leave society behind.

Cult of Eros: Is a cult of men, and recently women, that believe the ultimate form of love is the love of youth. This has been a popular cult since the time of the Mystic’s rule.

Cult of the Flies: A cult based on William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. They are a band of children that live on the outskirts of society and make up their own morality and laws.

Cult of Jesus or Cult of Heaven or Cult of the Messiah: The dregs of Christianity, worshipers of the Second Coming. They aim to create enough discord and chaos to bring about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. They are known by the saying: “I’d like you better dead.” It is a reference to the happiness obtained by the Kingdom of God and opening of heaven. Many of these followers commit suicide so that they can go to heaven quicker. Nightly, they sing songs to attract new members.

Cult of Hermaphrodites: A group of people that want to be both male and female. They have experimented with sexual reassignment. Some want to be hermaphrodites in mind while others want to be hermaphrodites in body. The latter group is dwindling as their death rate rises.

Cults of Inequality: Cult of Heterosexuality; Cult of Homosexuality; Cult of Masculinity; Cult of Femininity. All their aims are geared toward a single common goal for society, namely the one in which their cult obtained their name.

Cult of Lighting: The cult of lighting consists of a group of people that worship lighting. They believe one must survive a lighting strike in order to be part of the group. Those who survive can read the future by the lighting. Numbers are currently dwindling.

Cult of the Moons: They wear a tattoo of a crescent moon on their shoulders. Believe the moons preside over magic,  and the colors of the moon can tell a person how they must act. Also, the moon regulates natural cycles, months, menses, and conception.

Cult of Friedrich Nietzsche or Cult of Me: Preachers that travel around preaching the death of God and rise of the Ubermensch (the Superman), a race of man-gods. Many other existentialist philosophers have become associated with the cult. Individualism and narcissism are the foundations of the cult.

Cult of Nymphs: A group of women that carry away men and ravish them sexually before murdering them by ripping the men to pieces. They call themselves Nympholeptics and undergo a process of Nympholespy. At noon they will come, if they come at all.

Cult of Pan: A group of men that carry away women. These women are never seen again. This group is similar to the Cult of Nymphs. Both of these cults take place at noon. These men are also known as Panoleptics.

Cult of Peter Pan: A group of men and women that insist on acting like children.

Cult of Perfect Love: A cult based on finding the perfect love. They believe that sex is the ultimate evil in the world and attempt to remove all sexual images from the world. They are known to cut off the sexual organs of men and women. They want to make perfect love without a sexual  aspect. Currently, they have been removing the sexual organs on all the statues in Nahimana.

Cult of Sigmund Freud: A cult obsessed with sexuality and the freedom of sexuality. Believe that sexuality should be confined to the family where all acts of sexuality can be deemed safe. Want a ban on all sexual acts outside of the family.

Cult of 1984 or Cult of George Orwell: Believe that laws in every aspect of life must structure society. They are powerful men and women, nobles that wish for the world to be structured by universal laws in which they create with money and influence.

Society of Contraries: a group that lives to do the opposite and destroy any solid foundation of society.

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