I’ve wanted to be writer since I was little. Once I grew up I realized that I wanted to be a philosopher. Then, I found out philosophy was dead, so I decided to become a philosophical fiction writer. I’ve learned from taboo artists (Prince, David Bowie, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, etc.) that you should do what you want to do, because the best profits are invisible. (That might not be true, but some lies are best to believe.) This blog is where my two passions intertwine.

There is no point in stepping where everyone else has stepped, so I try to look for new places to put my footprints. This blog is about taboo and the breakdown of taboos. What was once taboo is no longer taboo and new taboos are always coming into existence. Here, I write about the forgotten taboos and the ones that avoid the gallows. In fact, I might even write about what taboos will come about in the future. But….

Do you know about the ugly laws? Did you know cornflakes were invented to stop people from masturbating? Or that opera singers used to be castrated at an early age to maintain their high voices? Check out my blog and find out about all things taboo, past, present, and maybe future.

Since I consider myself a writer in training, I will also put some of my fiction pieces and poetry here, most of which focus on the crumbling existence of taboo. I hope to put up a few free books too, one being a futuristic fantasy novel. And my alter ego Lyre Moody might appear to tell others of the taboo tips to becoming a writer, the secrets nobody ever tells you but still expects you to know.

If you like what you read here please like it, or share it, or comment on it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Without you and you and you …  there would be no words here.

Below is a bio in third person because apparently that is how they’re supposed to be done.

Benjamin Grossman received his MFA in Creative Writing at Rosemont College. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Saint Joseph’s University, where he also earned a minor in philosophy and concentration in Theology.

He writes screenplays and novels, as well as poetry and flash fiction. His work is published or forthcoming in the Eunoia Review, The Rusty Nail, Apiary, and The Camel Saloon. His debut novel The Land Without Footprints: Shadows Amongst Shadows (Sweatshoppe Publications, 2013) can be read in full on this blog.  The novel focuses on a future kingdom set amid crumbling taboos. Below is a quick synopsis:

The story is set in the Modern Middle Ages, the age after the ages of Earth, when humans inhabit a planet where, unbeknownst to them, the moons control every action. What remains of the Earth is confined to books. In fact, many have decided to live by the rules of those books once called fiction. But no fiction or reality rules over the Mystic. He rules by only two laws: obey his desires and obey your desires. His desires are twofold: virgins and immortality. However, the desires of his subjects are as wicked as ever known. But the Dagens, a family rooted in the old ways of society, cannot give into their desires. They cannot kill just to kill, hate just to hate, destroy just to destroy. Yet if society is to become what it once was, the Dagens must destroy freedom and place chains around those who no longer wish to be chained.


4 comments on “About

  1. Hi Benjamin. I want to thank you for stopping by my blog recently. I truly enjoy reading poetry and sharing my own with others. I’ve just spent the most wonderful time reading your Breakdown of Taboo blog and find your style and presence most unique and alive. I find your poetry absolutely riveting…. Thank you for sharing.

  2. bejamin4 says:

    You’re welcome. Thanks for your kind words. I hope you have continued enjoyment reading and writing.

  3. pi314chron says:


    I’m so glad you visited and decided to follow my blog on: http://randalane.wordpress.com
    “Randa Lane…” is primarily devoted to haiku, tanka, and other short verse forms. I’ve just begun to explore your site and find your writing very impressive. I look forward to reading everything you post! ***  ***

    Best Success,


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