My Ra

Ra was a divine being
And so far I can’t find
Any evidence to support you’re not.

Some say he created us
Through sweat and tears
I’m not saying
You’ve done the same
Yet there are times
I’ve felt baptized in yours
Thought you were the only reason
The gods ever created human beings.

Ancient Egyptians often
Called themselves: “Cattle of Ra”
I’m not ashamed to say
You’re my shepherd
I’d follow you anywhere you lead.

Now, Ra is best known as a sun god
The ruler of both the Earth and sky
And, of course, it’s true you rule mine
But maybe you’re nothing like him
Because the way you shine
Blinds the light.

My Love

My love is not an I, I, I
It’s a you, you, you
An us, us, us.

My love cannot be put to bed
It never closes its eyes
It never sleeps—can’t be laid to rest.

My love cannot ungrow
It’s for all seasons
Blossoms in the sunshine and the moonlight.

My love is an “original goodness”
A remembered dream
That which can resuscitate a heart.


Got a new doctor
Checked my blood pressure
Off the charts
He was concerned
But I wasn’t
Since I was thinking of you
Ordered a CT scan of my heart next
It was unthinkably enlarged
The technician was gobsmacked
But I wasn’t
Since it housed my love for you
EKG came back abnormal, showed no activity whatsoever
The nurses were petrified
But I wasn’t
Since my heart only beats around you
They didn’t believe me, of course
Until you walked through the door

You Can’t Love Me

You can’t love me
There’s no chance
Built a wall around my heart
Surrounded by a cage
And then a bunch of booby traps
Don’t try to force your way through
I’m no boyfriend, no part-time lover
Not even qualified for a one-night stand
I’m one-hundred-percent husband material
So don’t blow me a kiss
I’ll just blow it away
Mi casa es no su casa
My house is not your house
My house is hers, just hers, always hers.


Once I thought you were a zero
The queen of numbers
Able to morph all things within
Yet leave them changeless

But like the number zero
Unfortunately you have an ability
To make all things around you
Equal your value

And once I thought you were just a pest
But I’ve come to realize
You are much more like a

Only you
Can turn
Every thing
Into no thing

Your Day

Your day
Shouldn’t be
Just one
Since the love you deserve
Couldn’t be received
In a night and a day
I would start with a month
And a present for each date
Though in my heart of hearts
I celebrate your birth every time I look your way

Don’t Let Your Mother Read These Feelings (A Poem From My Younger Years)

I want to stretch you to the stars
Unlock all your windows and doors
Take you to a romantic peak you’ve never been to before
Turn up the music on the way
Only pop and rock and roll
Then rest your jet-lagged soul
Since it’s not just these words
I’m fluent in touch too
Once ignited there’s
No tidal wave on Earth
That could put me out
I have full mastery
Over the flames
So hot I could burn endlessly
Even as a fire in Antarctica
Feel my heat just one time
And they’ll hear your screams
From the land of the free and the home of the brave
All the way across the sea to the highest point of the Himalayas
But—please!—don’t let your mother read these feelings
Because I was grounded when my mother read yours

I Don’t Know Very Much

I’m unsure of how to start a fire in the wild
I don’t know how many elements are on the periodic table
I can’t really recall the location of every state or country
Nor parallel park or write my cursive correctly
So maybe I just don’t know very much
But I do know that any time spent with you
Is a chance to have the greatest day of my life