After Little Charmer

If only I could
If only you would
But we both know it couldn’t
Come to any good

Yet you still have some may
And I still have some might
So what if our wish on the stars
Could make something so forbidden lawful tonight?

Second verse added with permission of Little Charmer. Read and like the original here. And make sure you check out the rest of Little Charmer’s wonderful blog and, if you haven’t already, follow and like from there.


are the sentence without a period
The movement in the puddle after the rains
The scent that lingers when the scent is gone
The oxygen for the oxygen
The letters that spell out the word love
The one thing I’ll never leave behind

8 Months

I didn’t need 4 seasons
To recognize you’re the scent of sweet

I didn’t need 240 moons
To want you 8 days a week

I didn’t need 1 year
To give you the key to my heart

And I sure as hell
Don’t need you gone
To know what I got

It was obvious you were
Priceless from the start

My Love

My love is not an I, I, I
It’s a you, you, you
An us, us, us.

My love cannot be put to bed
It never closes its eyes
It never sleeps—can’t be laid to rest.

My love cannot ungrow
It’s for all seasons
Blossoms in the sunshine and the moonlight.

My love is an “original goodness”
A remembered dream
That which can resuscitate a heart.

You Can’t Love Me

You can’t love me
There’s no chance
Built a wall around my heart
Surrounded by a cage
And then a bunch of booby traps
Don’t try to force your way through
I’m no boyfriend, no part-time lover
Not even qualified for a one-night stand
I’m one-hundred-percent husband material
So don’t blow me a kiss
I’ll just blow it away
Mi casa es no su casa
My house is not your house
My house is hers, just hers, always hers.

Overambitious Love

By Benjamin Grossman and Cassa Bassa

Her emerald beauty circled his upright being
She stretched her sublime allure to capture the snow 
He felt the weight in totality 
It exceeded what he could possibly endure

Most days there was a smokey haze between them
And this fog formed uneven walls 
With tiny openings just wide enough 
To let toxic fumes leak through

In desperation, she let out her slow poison 
He turned himself inside out to survive
But was never the same man as before
Nor she the same woman

They had interwoven like a tree wrapped in vines
They wanted to thrive  under any conditions
That’s what all lovers long to do 
Tragically they couldn’t harness the moonlight
Nor grow within the embers of dying flames

(This is part of a collaborative poetic effort between myself and Cassa Bassa. Make sure you check out her blog by visiting Flicker Of Thoughts. She’s a favorite poetess of mine.)