How To Do Just About Anything

I’ve figured out
how to focus on
one thing at a time effortlessly

and also how to go weeks
without the need of food or sleep.

So, too, I’ve discovered
how to feel the winter
on a humid summer day

and even how to turn an hour
into one hundred thousand years.

It’s actually very simple—
very much free, as well:
just miss someone you love.


After Little Charmer

If only I could
If only you would
But we both know it couldn’t
Come to any good

Yet you still have some may
And I still have some might
So what if our wish on the stars
Could make something so forbidden lawful tonight?

Second verse added with permission of Little Charmer. Read and like the original here. And make sure you check out the rest of Little Charmer’s wonderful blog and, if you haven’t already, follow and like from there.