Taboo-Artist #3: Prince

Created a new sound*
While embracing an androgynous style
Then: changed his name
To an unpronounceable symbol
Enough said.

*The “Minneapolis sound” really highlighted synthesizers and the drum machine and transformed the sound of music forever. Prince was a true musical genius (talented and hard-working), who only did things one way: his way.

Taboo-Artist #2: Kobe Bryant

Created a new mentality

Worked to “push beyond potential”

Enough said.


* The “Mamba mentality” really strives for greatness; perhaps even attempts to go beyond greatness to reach even higher heights. It’s about not giving up, about giving your all, about going toward something better, not worrying about what will happen next but what you can do now! Kobe was a modern-day philosopher, a creative genius. His passion for life will never be forgotten

What Is A Taboo-Artist Anyway?



1. a person who goes against the grain in any medium of art.

2. an artist that “creates dangerously” (thanks Albert Camus), setting the trends instead of following them.

3. An artist seen as ahead of their time or doing something objectively unique, which often but not always referred to as too different for mainstream society to handle.

4. a person that breaks down proverbial walls, barriers, boundaries, and resets our notions of what is possible.

5. an artist expressing individuality to the upmost degree.