Wordsmith Apprentices

By Benjamin Grossman and Cassa Bassa

This daily script interferes
With any royal mood
Leaving abstract smiles
Upon the observer’s space

Each piece reaches the other
with startling ponder
Shaking up their normality
Signaling the writer’s psyche
Demanding a daily dose of encouragement

The bond sparked small
A distant curiosity sated by the choreography of words

A budding denial received confirmation in plain sight
An uncultivated heart given wings to ascend
An untamed mind flew over the boundary beyond the intellectual elasticity

(This is part of a collaborative poetic effort between myself and Cassa Bassa. Make sure you check out her blog by visiting Flicker Of Thoughts.)

Taboo-Artist #2: Kobe Bryant

Created a new mentality

Worked to “push beyond potential”

Enough said.


* The “Mamba mentality” really strives for greatness; perhaps even attempts to go beyond greatness to reach even higher heights. It’s about not giving up, about giving your all, about going toward something better, not worrying about what will happen next but what you can do now! Kobe was a modern-day philosopher, a creative genius. His passion for life will never be forgotten

An Obvious Problem

Swimming in a dream

Is no training for swimming

In actual water

An obvious problem

Too late to be solved


*(I really must learn to swim soon. I should’ve learned this as a child, but was allergic to something in the water which kept me away ever since. And maybe now I’m just a wimp!)

Calling All Lovers

Let’s get talkative

Converse in cooperation

Dress like heirs or

Circulate a dose of our sweet drug

To confuse the rebel market


Allow nobody to shoot the timetable

We’ve generated eternally

We have a conscious index

Of how this voyage should end

So don’t let the mess transform you