Fucked Up (Song Lyrics + Song)

You kinda love me in a fucked-up way
The way you love me I could never stay
I sorta knew that it would go this way
I never really thought you would stay

I’m just a puppet in your master plan
Had me eating out the palm of your hand
I even wanted to be your man
Nobody else could ever understand

You kinda left me in this fucked-up state
Took for granted everything I gave
If it meant something I cannot say
Our love was always doomed for the grave

You kinda want me in this fucked-up way
Even though you have no plans to stay
It’s kinda crazy how it goes this way
You love so much and then it fades away

It’s kinda funny how it goes this way
You love so much and then they never stay
You love so much and then they never stay
You love so much and then they go away

I loved you so much but you did not stay
I loved you so much but you went away
I love you so much but you would not stay
You broke my heart when you left that day

Nobody else should ever feel this pain
Nobody else should ever feel such pain


This song went from a very upbeat sounding song to more of a slow song with only four chords repeating, which reiterates the cycle of loss. It’s interesting to try writing something out of your comfort zone. Sometimes trying a different artistic medium opens your mind up to higher creative endeavors. If you can: try to do something totally different with your next piece. Thanks for reading and listening!

88 comments on “Fucked Up (Song Lyrics + Song)

  1. Kritika says:

    Different is engaging and the results are charming like this song. Touching lyrics.

    • Thanks a lot, Kritika! You never know when creativity will strike. Sometimes you just have to in the direction of it, even if you’re scared and have no clue what you’re really doing. Thanks again 🙂

  2. cindy knoke says:

    This is very good, and sad.

  3. Wow Ben…how cool you did this!! You are right of course…leaving our comfort zone and trying another medium is sometimes what we need..Very moving at the end..so raw and real and..You are my hero.. I know you are in pain, but you can be proud of this one! 🤗

  4. vintageblack says:

    Great lyrics, and nice downbeat isong, loving the repetition too. great voice too heartbreaking though. 🙂

  5. Hasan Adan says:

    I really enjoyed reading this piece more importantly hearing it. The emotions, rhythm and the pace really captures the essence of this song and the sorrowful side of love.

  6. Lia says:

    “I’m just a puppet in your master plan
    Had me eating out the palm of your hand”

    This is so relatable to me! Well done as always.

  7. Loved this Benjamin!!! Wow!! It was different , soft, powerful and beautifully sad in a very raw and unique way. Yayyyy to trying new things and doing it in a seamless way! Well done my friend.❤️

  8. scifihammy says:

    This is a very brave creative piece. I hope that by writing and trying new things you will lay the demons of a breakup to rest and find something to look forward to.

  9. gabychops says:

    This is quite heartbreaking, Benjamin, I hope you will find the happiness that you so deserve.

    I used different forms, from deserts to Rivers, to cities, to books to science. It is obvious that you are hurting.

    Thank you.


    • Thanks, Joanna. Life can be heartbreaking at times, but most times happiness comes again afterwards. I’m hurting but I’m not hurt. We all have these tiny hurts from day to day. This is just about general heartbreak that can come with love. Thanks again!

  10. Ace says:

    Ben, I am so proud of you for doing this! You’re not trying to be fearless and free, you are being fearless and free. I feel each line and you wrote about the emotion so palpably. And your voice…ahhhhh it’s so good! Definitely didn’t put me to sleep 😉. AMAZING! So brave and awesome of you to express your pain and then to sing it, I am so inspired! Well done, incredible Ben. You’re truly awesome, a gift to many 💚💙

    • Thanks a lot, Ace! It was nice being fearless and free for this one and taking a page out of your book. Haha, good it didn’t put you to sleep. Your words mean a lot to me and I’ll remember them. Have a great night! 💚💙

  11. VJ Knutson says:

    Wow! Nice to hear your voice. The emotion is so raw, and the anger righteous. I’m not a musician but I hear a lot of range in your voice, no?

  12. crimsonposy says:

    Context is heart wrenching and you even made it work through song! Kudos to you.

  13. Secrets says:

    It’s berries, really and truly.

  14. Is that you? Beautiful voice! Listening was heartbreaking though; the composition and cadence are so communicative and resonant – well done! (But sorry you had to have that experience.)

  15. Cassa Bassa says:

    It was lovely to hear your song Ben! You have a lovey dovey voice! 😊

  16. Judy Kim says:

    I’m blown way by your song, Benjamin! Seriously amazing! Your voice is very beautiful, matches your kind heart 💖, listening to you sing made me cry in a good way. I’ve found that some people are afraid to be loved, not your fault. You deserve the right one, who will see the miracle that you are. Hugs to you my friend💖🙏🌸

    • Oh, Judy, thanks so much! Thanks very much! Sorry for the tears but if they were good ones than that is not a bad thing, I think. You’re probably right about all you said; it’s a hard lesson to learn and realize, but the “right one”, if it is out there, will love you in the way you need to be loved.

      The great thing about this community on WP is the chance to meet and connect with people like yourself. I honestly appreciate your kindness and your wealth of knowledge. Hugs back. Hope you have a great weekend! 💚

      • Judy Kim says:

        You’re very welcome, Benjamin! Your song is powerful; raw, truthful emotions always move my heart. I agree, the WP community is so cool, supportive and interesting. I hope your weekend is good too🤗❣️

  17. Sonali says:

    Absolutely loved this !♥♥♥

  18. Aarushi says:

    Ben, I really liked the song! and especially the use of the four chords. especially how you used the cuss word with grace and where it was needed🙂

  19. Chris Hall says:

    This is amazing, Benjamin. I love the words but your performance is breath-taking and heart braking. Really, really well done!

  20. Filarance says:

    Such a different and wonderful song..!

  21. Ali Marie says:

    YESS! This is really freaking good. 🙂

  22. yassy says:

    Hey, Grossman.. that is one hell of an amazing voice you have. I dig the lyrics too. Simply awesome.. truly amazing this side of you. Take a bow take a bow. Can you hear the thundering applause 👏. 👍

  23. This is very eloquently and movingly evoked 🎼🎵🎶🎼🎵🎶

  24. The ending☹
    Raw and beautiful.
    Composing is very difficult, yet you did it beautifully.
    Keep up the good work!

  25. Marlapaige says:

    I really like it

  26. This is such a melancholic song! And you are right, trying something beyond our comfort level can lead to surprises 🙂

  27. Sunra Rainz says:

    A very sensitive rendering of a harsh reality. Love always has its dark side. And if it didn’t would we ever have the great art we do? A very brave and raw expression, Ben ❤

    • Yes, light and dark sides to everything. And sometimes they get all mixed up into each other so it’s hard to tell which is which. Yeah, you’re exactly right. So much pain has led to great art! Thanks yet again! I feel blessed that you took the time to read and listen and comment so thoughtfully. Thank you, Sunra!!! Have a great, great night and an even better Sunday!

      • Sunra Rainz says:

        The pleasure was all mine. I’ve neglected catching up on people’s blogs lately. Life takes over sometimes. Thank you too and have a superb weekend, my friend 🙂 ❤

      • You’re so right. It happens just like that. Life will always want to get in the way. But the good things will always be there for you when you return. Hope you’re get some time to relax. And always fun seeing what you create. Thanks so much!!!

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