Freeing Me

I come from the walls
Triangles and sticks
My mother had no breasts
So I fed off myself
Long before I lost my father’s name

From the beginning I stood on my feet
Learned what bullshit was
From reading classic books

I neglect history
Have made enough of my own

I am the first and last of my kind
Not a monkey man
But a man of the mind
Fragments are the answer to slowing time
And if you survive a thousand falls
You’ll evolve into what I am

The inhuman voice
From a different age
Past and future fused
The philosopher sage

I hear colors
Smell words
Touch feelings
Taste sounds

I am what the ancients called clown
A master of oral lore
Heartless but undamaged
Ruined but remade
Logic intensified

I came from the walls
But my fall was from the clouds


This piece was first published at “The Rusty Nail” (2013).