Book Cover: Romance Novel

bookcover copy

This is a cover to a romance novel that I’ve been working on for a few years now. Hopefully I’ll get it all completed one day soon and into the hands of readers. I often post poetry on this blog but I also write fiction novels. What other projects are you working on poets? Feel free to leave any links below.

Social Contemplation

By Benjamin Grossman and Cassa Bassa

In rainy March
I long for a
philosophical whisper over tea
The smell of possibility permeating
Your gaze an infusion of heaven

Barely we know where we are
Yet we know where we’re going
With some echo of curiosity
On a bed of uncertainty
I inhale your essence
Drink in your presence
Only we temper the inner warmth
Steeped in each other

Rain is threading through each whisper
Tea left unrequited and cold
In the company of drizzling rain

(This is part of a collaborative poetic effort between myself and Cassa Bassa. Make sure you check out her blog by visiting Flicker Of Thoughts.)

My Zero (Reprise)


The one
You are not
I have found “the one” several times before
And no longer are they my ones
But the ones of another

The one
You are not
But my zero


I will bring the scent of many before youse
Women on my hips
In my beard
In my hair
In my mouth
Between my thighs and my fingers
Yes, an ocean of jealous females
Will come

But when I multiply them
By you
They will be nothing

*Originally published on thebreakdownoftaboo blog.