Bohemian Nights

© 2021 Sirishty Thakur

By Sirishty Thakur & Benjamin Grossman

What is love?
I venture for the search,
Hovering above the restrictions,
Masquerading feelings,
Packing the streets and theaters.

In the shadows of the city lights,
The subtle touch of elation,
Tempered by the night’s venom.
A parade of tamers lurking to fragment dreams,
To seek the hook for their puppet master.

There’s always a cage for joyous affairs,
Some subjugation of our bohemian nights.

But I still reach possessively for the moment, as the pendulum strikes.
Eternity vibrant in your eyes,
Unwavering in my faith that love is untamable.

This poem was a collaboration with Sirishty Thakur. Please, do yourself a favor and check out her amazing poetry and photos on her blog: Thought Loop.

© 2021 Sirishty Thakur & Benjamin Grossman


After Little Charmer

If only I could
If only you would
But we both know it couldn’t
Come to any good

Yet you still have some may
And I still have some might
So what if our wish on the stars
Could make something so forbidden lawful tonight?

Second verse added with permission of Little Charmer. Read and like the original here. And make sure you check out the rest of Little Charmer’s wonderful blog and, if you haven’t already, follow and like from there.


are the sentence without a period
The movement in the puddle after the rains
The scent that lingers when the scent is gone
The oxygen for the oxygen
The letters that spell out the word love
The one thing I’ll never leave behind