Wasting Time (If You Ever Come Back): A Dystopian Love Poem

After Robert Hayden

Unable to sleep, or pray, I stand
By the window looking out
Stars excommunicated, the sky, faithless, black
Children in torn pants and shirts devouring
Air for oxygen, for food, and
A woman suckles a pup at her breast
Her newborn clawing at naked feet

Unable to pray, or pretend, I wish
That change comes with blinks
But, I am, I am a prisoner of logic
And reality is the way I left it
So I set the table, like you, for three
In case another joins me from the street
I won’t eat, though, I won’t eat
Until you come back

9 comments on “Wasting Time (If You Ever Come Back): A Dystopian Love Poem

  1. Cassa Bassa says:

    An emotional piece

  2. Nitin Lalit says:

    A heart-wrenching piece set in a terrifying post-apocalyptic world. It takes a lot of skill to both construct the world and then infuse the narrative with emotion. I enjoyed this.

  3. Nadine says:

    Oh my god! Such imagery, and then swoon tingles, by the end!

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