14 comments on “2 To 1

  1. judeitakali says:

    Very nice 👌🏾

  2. Lia says:

    Ah, getting to the heart and root of the matter. You definitely are clever. 😊

    • bejamin4 says:

      Thanks. Sometimes you need a different approach. But seriously always: peace and love, love and peace.

      • Lia says:

        Now you have me second-guessing lol. Because I seriously always do expect that from you, at least, at the heart and root. :))

      • bejamin4 says:

        Well, love, love, love always first. But it’s good to hate the right things. You just need to know what those right things are, which too many us have trouble figuring that out. But overall it’s usually good to hate hate. But it’s too much logic and philosophy to discuss the matter here. You’d need a whole book.

      • Lia says:

        I love this comment. I feel I needed to hear that. It’s a balm for the soul. A kind of root system that one could grow from, something very beautiful perhaps. I would like to read your book on that topic. :))

      • bejamin4 says:

        Thanks. You’re far too kind. I’m hardly wise enough to write that one yet … if ever. Maybe one day if I’m lucky, though.

  3. Greater than a great👍

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