Come Around (Again)

So you don’t have to wonder
I wrote these words while inside of you
And like Atlas my world was above me
Though not held on my shoulders
But rather atop my thighs

Yet unlike the world we now spin on
That land was all moan and flesh
Those mountains were soft and not rough
Those waves were pink and not blue

Do you think Noah could’ve
Overcome this ocean cascading from the sky?
Am I stupid or smart for wishing
Your storm upon me everyday?

So you don’t have to wonder
I would drown every day
Just to see you come

9 comments on “Come Around (Again)

  1. Sensuously beautiful Benjamin!!

  2. Lia says:

    Oh my!! This was deeply stirring.

  3. Jay Bleu says:

    Nice one, Benjamin! Cool correlations !

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