I Don’t Know Very Much

I’m unsure of how to start a fire in the wild
I don’t know how many elements are on the periodic table
I can’t really recall the location of every state or country
Nor parallel park or write my cursive correctly
So maybe I just don’t know very much
But I do know that any time spent with you
Is a chance to have the greatest day of my life

34 comments on “I Don’t Know Very Much

  1. wardah says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I don’t know how to parallel park, either 😂
    The last two lines are perfect! Love it!

    • bejamin4 says:

      It makes me feel a little better. I thought I was nearly the only one. Or at least the only one who would admit it. Thanks so much.

      • wardah says:

        At least where I live, parallel parking isn’t super common, and if I have to, I’ll park far away just to avoid parallel parking. 😅 You’re welcome!

  2. Poetpas says:

    You could bring matches or a lighter to spark some fire 😁

  3. This is so sweeet! You sound so inspired on your writing. I love it! 💞

  4. Last two lines are beautiful and most important ,😊. Wonderful work Benjamin!

  5. samina says:

    Knowing what we do not know is always better than knowing that we know too much….lovely read

  6. bejamin4 says:

    You’re so, so right. Thanks!

  7. This post reminded me of just how many things I don’t know lol. Lovely post. Heartwarming!

  8. Lia says:

    This is very sweet. I still can’t parallel park either or at least I avoid it like the plague. I’d rather walk a long way from someplace with more space haha.

  9. Katy Claire says:

    Awe, I love this one. So sweet!

  10. scifihammy says:

    Sweet and heartfelt. 🙂

  11. Wow. I am blushing at the last two lines 😍😍

  12. Lokesh Sastya says:

    It is hard to remember the periodic table and mathematics calculations. 🤭

  13. Thanks again. Dearly!

  14. Aarushi says:


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