Don’t Let Your Mother Read These Feelings (A Poem From My Younger Years)

I want to stretch you to the stars
Unlock all your windows and doors
Take you to a romantic peak you’ve never been to before
Turn up the music on the way
Only pop and rock and roll
Then rest your jet-lagged soul
Since it’s not just these words
I’m fluent in touch too
Once ignited there’s
No tidal wave on Earth
That could put me out
I have full mastery
Over the flames
So hot I could burn endlessly
Even as a fire in Antarctica
Feel my heat just one time
And they’ll hear your screams
From the land of the free and the home of the brave
All the way across the sea to the highest point of the Himalayas
But—please!—don’t let your mother read these feelings
Because I was grounded when my mother read yours