17 comments on “If You Ever Read This

  1. Lia says:

    Oh lord. This is what so many of us are dreaming of seeing in the feed. 😆🙏🙏👌 I wish I could… be truthful in my answer. 🤣👍🎉💛

    • bejamin4 says:

      It’s a good dream, since “We are such stuff / As dreams are made on.” 😊

      • Lia says:

        I agree. :)) Personally I’m a romantic and though I resisted commitment at first, I still feel it’s a good model for raising a family. The marriage (hopefully) lasts longer than the wedding, so we need to be sure to choose our love carefully, then consciously keep loving our choice. Easier said than done. 😉😈😆 But definitely doable. 😇 Thanks as always for the deep thoughts generated with minimalist text, Benjamin. :))

      • bejamin4 says:

        That is a very deep thought. And I agree: once you love, hey key is to keep on loving. Though as you said: easier said than done. But well-said can be well-done. Let it be love always and commitment, for nothing else seems as worthwhile in dark times. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Always appreciated. We’re all a bit romantic at our core 🙂

      • Lia says:

        “Let it be love always and commitment, for nothing else seems as worthwhile in dark times.” Oh that is so beautifully said!!! Love it. Yes. 😉😄

      • bejamin4 says:

        Thank you. It’s a pleasure to make you feel love; you return the favor often with your words. Have a great rest of your day!

      • Lia says:

        You’re welcome, and likewise! 😊🙏🌷

  2. Cassa Bassa says:

    I like how you planted a seed.

  3. Definitely yes 😏🙈

  4. bejamin4 says:

    The poem thanks you.

  5. tara caribou says:

    I think I like this. A lot.

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