Creative Nonfiction

I’m in the desert right now
with a winter coat on and
I’m cold.

Only you know why.

So you don’t forget me
I wrote you a new poem
for the next 365 days.

There’s no need for
you to read them, though.

They all say what I said before:
I love you and I wish
you’d leave him.

Some may think
I write this to woo
but really it’s to steal.

I’m a romantic criminal
An imposter, a fake.

I wanted someone else’s
future. That’s what this has all been from the start.

But I’m giving up here.
I have no more words
to write

so if you don’t hear from me
in the next 18 hours or so
just know I’m walking
in the desert alone
with a winter coat on
and I’m cold.

26 comments on “Creative Nonfiction

  1. There is a beautiful honestly in these words… “Some may think I write this to woo but really it’s to steal.”

  2. Lia says:

    WOW!!! Mic drop. Falling, not landing. The best part… that wonderful frightening feeling in the stomach. How do you keep blowing readers’ minds!?!? It’s like watching a story unfold.

  3. uzzawal1911 says:

    This poem is wonderful, from the start to the end. The flow of the story in the poem is great. A sense of honest reflection and hope. Well done man, keep it up 🙌

  4. wardah says:

    Wow, I love this! Well-written!

  5. tara caribou says:

    Oh man. I love this. And in my own way I can relate to some of it. So good!!

    • bejamin4 says:

      Thanks, Tara. It really means so much to me when you appreciate some of my work. It’s nice you could relate to these feelings.

      • tara caribou says:

        I honestly can’t think of a piece of yours I did NOT like. You’re an excellent poet who creates such easily felt emotions, often in very few lines. I enjoy seeing your posts in my feed.

      • bejamin4 says:

        Thanks again for that, Tara. And I can honestly say the same about you, the way you set a scene, you’re relatabilty, your choice of words and the chances you take with form … I would not be telling the truth if I didn’t say that you have made me rethink the way I approach my writing. Thanks for being the writer and person you are!

      • tara caribou says:

        Thank you. Seriously, so very much. So often I consider shutting this whole blog down and then I get a nice comment like this and it gives me a little hope again.

      • bejamin4 says:

        You’re welcome. It’s a good blog you have, however don’t let it stress you out either. Hope is one of the best feelings 🙂

  6. Angana says:

    WOW! so lovely! The expressions (read confessions) – mesmerizing!

  7. Beautifully done, Benjamin. 🙂

  8. hahaha i love this goshh

  9. yassy says:

    Creativity is mind blowing. If she reads this , she’s gonna coming back running. Cheers ..

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