The Ultimate Cure (Lyrics + Song)

[Verse 1]

They got the key to the city
You’re like a key to the whole world

They got a rocket to the moon, babe
You blast me off to the universe

Lovers will look up at the stars, yeah
I’m only looking at her

Helen’s face launched a thousand ships
I think you’d launch a million or more

They got no cure for heartbreak
That’s cause they never met her



You’re like the ultimate cure
You’re like the ultimate cure
You’re like the ultimate cure
You’re like the ultimate

[Verse 2]

You’re too easy to love, girl
You know I will never stop

If I could remake you
I wouldn’t even start

Oh my my, the way you ease my mind
It’s so sublime, it’s so divine

Oh my my, the way you ease my mind
Our souls align, it’s so divine

I never say that you’re pretty or smart
Cause those are just mortal words

You deserve something better
You deserve the world



You’re like the ultimate cure
You’re like the ultimate cure
You’re like the ultimate cure
You’re like the ultimate


I’ve been working on a few novels recently and haven’t been able to focus on posting as much. Also, I haven’t been able to keep up much on my reading; but I’m interested to see what everyone has been posting. Hope to read everyone’s work again soon! Thanks for reading and listening.

38 comments on “The Ultimate Cure (Lyrics + Song)

  1. How Ironic Ben…I was just thinking of you,,of where you went:) I too have been quite absent after Natascha’s death, but I am finishing her Memorial World…and slowly returning to reading and writing. I love these adoring, positive and up! Hope you are equally happy…I can’t wait to hear them sung.. Be well Ben, so nice to read you again❤️

    • Yes, I just read your post. The poem is very well-done. You have great words always, especially in regards to tough moments. It’s heartbreaking what happened. I always feel like there should be better words to say when things like this happen. I’m with you, Karima. ❤️ I wish you a million good things. Thanks so much for commenting.

      • Thank you too Ben, your words are very appreciated. I have written several poems since her death, and finished, sadly on my own, our last unfinished movie project, “Drive” i would love you too it and also a wordless poem i shot with just images and music “Dissolving & Becoming” all of this plus the memorial have helped me to accept and let go… but as you know, loss of any kind is a process and each one left behind must find their own way out. Thank you again Ben for your words and your positive vibe in these lyrics makes me feel that too❤️

      • Yeah we can process but it’s not something to ever fully get over. It stays with us. But that’s also the good thing. The memory and the feelings stay with us forever. It’s good to have these moments with people! Your tribute is beautiful. I’m certain this has reached her. Love endures through everything. ❤️

  2. This is romantic! I’m impressed.
    I am happy to see you posting again😊
    All the best, keep working hard

  3. Sorry, I would love you to watch it, “Drive”

  4. So good to see you back here Ben. Glad that your work on the novel is coming along well. Best wishes 💜

    • Thanks a lot, Radhika. 💜 Hope you’re doing well, also! Enjoyed reading your poetry book and reviewing it. Many of your poems still stay with me. Have a great weekend! Happy Belated Diwali!

  5. Well done, Benjamin; I enjoyed the demo. 🙂 It’s great to see you again, but your writing should come first before blogging. 🙂 Cheers, Lynette

  6. So happy to see you posting again, Ben. I missed reading your posts and listening to your music. Fabulous song, my friend. Hope all is well with you.💕❤️💕

  7. Secret Bree says:

    So good Ben, so good 👏👏👏

  8. VJ Knutson says:

    I wondered where you had been – productivity is good! Another classic Benjamin.

  9. Chris Hall says:

    Another winner, Benjamin! I agree with Lynette – writing comes first. Looking forward to seeing a novel from you 🙂

  10. Beautiful music and beat that draws in the listener to the splendidly evoked lines

  11. Best wishes with the novel! We await with glee! ❤

  12. Cassa Bassa says:

    Beautiful and romantic lyrics, stunning!

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