Healing Love (Song + Lyrics)

[Verse 1]
Everything is just so fucked up
Everything is just so not love
Everything is just fight and fear
Everything is just shoot and smear

Everyone is just a mouth and ass
Everyone has a dark, dark past
Everyone says they’re all for peace
While they drop bombs at children’s feet

Nobody wants to speak an ounce of truth
And they’ll tell you that lies taste good
Anybody with a stand or voice
Will find out it’s not wise to make noise

Even if you’re the right this or that
Eventually they’ll come for your ass
And label you the king of wrong
Then they’ll toss you to a mob before long

[Chorus 1]
’Cause everything is just so fucked up
But you and us
And your love
Your healing love

[Verse 2]
I swear I was just like them
Before you became my very best friend
But now I’m feeling a different way
And I’m feeling like I’ll be okay

I see rainbows in the future now
And a pot of gold when I’m allowed
Your smile makes the sun come out
But I’m the only one who sees that now

[Chorus 2]
So everyone will stay so fucked up
Without you and your love
Your healing love
Your healing love

I don’t want to be the prophet of doom
Or be blown into a cloud-shaped mushroom
But I got to scream and shout the truth:

[Chorus 3]
Everything is so fucked up
Without you
Without you
Without you
And your love
Your healing love

[Ad lib]

20 comments on “Healing Love (Song + Lyrics)

  1. Beautiful song, Benjamin. I’m noticing how your music has really developed and deepened recently.

  2. As I said on YouTube…these lyrics are so now, the reality of today..but love can bring back hope..Love is hope…Love the voice on this one..it’s perfect!

  3. Cassa Bassa says:

    It’s very strong lyrics on many levels. It is fitting to the current world.

  4. VJ says:

    There is a lot in this song Benjamin – the crazy state of the world and the power of the individual to speak on behalf of what is good

  5. Secret Bree says:

    Healing Love… It’s what we all need I think.

  6. Grace says:

    Wow Wow Wow!! What a brilliant song. These lyrics are NEXT LEVEL. I love the title, the message, the beat…everything about this connects to the heart. Thank you for sharing. Always a treat to see your name in my reader, Ben 💚💙.

  7. Nice song, good vocal. Glad I came across your blog!

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