By Benjamin Grossman and Cassa Bassa

I lost the grip of my writing pen
                                                the ink frozen in-between the flow 
                                                                                                      of words and broken nib.

As if making every stroke 
                                        on water 
                                                       letters now convert to vapor
vanishing before forming any solid state.

I burn lavender incense up to the heavens
offering fragments         of laden thoughts 
denial               sadness            resentment 
                                                            Autumn rain.

I wish to be a fixed matter
an existence tightly packed together

but    my    particles    keep     spreading 

I found no escape on the verge of my final break.

Perhaps if I hibernate long enough
Spring will come with the promising sun

*Please make sure to view the poem again and additional content at Cassa's blog:
It's always a pleasure to write with a poet as knowledgeable and talented as her, and I really enjoy this poem for what it stands for beyond the words.

17 comments on “Sublimation

  1. Such a powerful collaboration. You have teamed up with someone who vibrates harmoniously with you. The imagery is strong and consistent and leaves the reader feeling like having witnessed both a writing and existential crisis. It flows, it hints at an upheaval and broken dreams. Excellent both of you!!

  2. Cassa Bassa says:

    Always enjoy writing with Ben, we have a similar approach to writing poetry in building on a logical foundation, setting the mood and selection of words.

  3. Secret Bree says:

    I am undone by you both. Brilliant, truly brilliant.

  4. Dear Benjamin and Cassa,
    I love this collaboration! Wonderful poetry!

  5. Grace says:

    What a lovely collaboration you two!!! Divine and intricate…the flow of emotion is superb. Truly a wonderful collaboration, well done on so many levels.

  6. Benjamin and Cassa, brilliant poetry. Such a productive and wonderful collaboration. Well done!

  7. Both are amazing and wonderful always stay blessed there is no doubt both are amazingly creative and talented,stay healthy and happy forever.🌞🙏

  8. Sunra Rainz says:

    Gorgeous. Great collab. Beautiful sentiments and images 🙂

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