13 comments on “Inaccurate Authorship

  1. I am sure it is being plagiarized at this very minute by the lucky couples, who have stumbled upon this formula to make it happen. Hard to copyright it.. better to just rejoice for all the others who found it too. Such a sweet thought Ben!!

    • Exactly. You can’t copyright it. But there is a thought: that our love is better, better, best. Good thought. Cheers to all the true lovers! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Cassa Bassa says:

    Cheers to great love!

  3. HI Benjamin,
    I love this. Clever and on point.

  4. There is nothing wrong in copying an idea. Least of all the idea of true love. I’ll make sure I don’t follow the template and plot, though. Characters, of course, will remain distinctly different.

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