Out of the Game

By Benjamin Grossman & Ace

I’m out of the game
I think you’re the same
I’m spinning toward your love-shaped energy
From the distance, I could smell our synergy

I’m out of the game
I think you’re who I became
I’ll remember your voice in every phase
As we navigate through this endless maze

I’m out of the game
I think you’re more than imagination’s flame
I saw you in our connected visions
Whispering to let the flow guide decisions

I’m out of the games
I think my mind’s eye still frames
A picture of trust
That no amount of time could rust

I’m out of the game
I think I’ve grown into more than my name
But with your divine trace
I might grow beyond space

I’m out of the game
And never to get back in
But with your graceful aim
I might let reality re-begin


Another duet with the fantastic Ace! Make sure you check out her blog Fearless Free Soul.

67 comments on “Out of the Game

  1. Ace says:

    Thank you so much for the magical experience of joining forces again!!! I truly love the zone we get into and I absolutely love this piece. Always a joy to work with you, dear Ben!! Keep being amazingly YOU, I appreciate you. Here’s to out of the game and many more 💚💙

    • Thanks so much, Ace!!!!! It certainly came together in a unique way. You never know what tomorrow will bring. The joy was mine as well. Thanks for all the nice wishes. Cheers to that! 💚💙

  2. Ashi Joseph says:

    Wowow !!! ♥️♥️

  3. Kritika says:

    I really like the line ‘I’m out of the game’. And the last para superb. Awesomely written by both of you.

  4. gabychops says:

    With friends like Ace, you are slowly progressing towards freedom, Benjamin. We are all behind you
    don’t ever forget this.


  5. Another fantastic creation from the magical duo! I love it! I also admire how you agreed on a rhyme scheme so it is nearly impossible to tell..who wrote what. So cool …Two people, out of the game, have a lot in common. I love how you both express this synchronicity… Remarkable collaboration once again from poets extraordinaire… Ace and Ben🌟❤️🌹✨🌺🤗

    • Thanks a lot, Karima!!! Yeah, the rhyme works well in that way: awesome for you to point this out. Smiling big from your comments. And it’s always fun to work on writing with Ace. ❤️ 🙂 Hope you’ve been having a great weekend!

  6. Lokesh Sastya says:

    Beautifully and wisely written. 👌

  7. yassy says:

    Fabulous collaboration!! Effortlessly magical 🤩

  8. Awesome collaboration Benjamin and Ace. Excellent flow and perfectly synchronized. Beautifully done, my friends.❤️

  9. Secrets says:

    Great work to both of you 👏👏💜

  10. Sonali says:

    This is amazing Ben! A beautiful collaboration, both of you ♥♥

  11. Diana says:

    Such a cool collab!! Yeah.. Ace is definitely amazing.. I enjoyed doing a collab with her too! This was just superb! Well done you both! ❤️❤️🤗👏🙏💐

  12. crimsonposy says:

    Super work you two!

  13. Hasan Adan says:

    Another awesome creation between both yourself and Ace! I love the rhythm and seamless flow from verse to verse. Congrats Benjamin and Ace! Have a great weekend as well

  14. Really well done! Congratulations on your fabulous collaboration. 🙂

  15. Such an amazing collaboration, Ben and Ace!!! You guys ROCK!!! I loved this! Look forward to more of your posts, Ben. Much love, dear friend 😊

  16. Filarance says:

    woww..! Such a Amazing Collab..! Very beautifully written both..! Awesome..!

  17. KK says:

    A beautiful collab, Ben and Ace! Rhyming and flow are superb. Great work👌👌

  18. Kudos to both of you! Nailed it 🔥

  19. Chris Hall says:

    Well done to both of you! Seamless 🙂

  20. Oh wow, this is a masterpiece!
    But this one line caught my eye
    “I’m out of the game
    I think you’re who I became”
    That’s deep!
    Everything about this poem is amazing. Well done both of you,
    Stay safe🌼

  21. Sunra Rainz says:

    A lovely collaboration ❤

  22. Such an amazing collaboration, I liked it💕💕😊😊

  23. Very skillfully crafted poetry 👏👏👏

  24. You two are great together. Another beautiful composition! Thanks for sharing. Ben! 🌞

  25. ponzoblogs says:

    Sadly because covid I cant do my hobby 😦

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