Out of the Game

By Benjamin Grossman & Ace

I’m out of the game
I think you’re the same
I’m spinning toward your love-shaped energy
From the distance, I could smell our synergy

I’m out of the game
I think you’re who I became
I’ll remember your voice in every phase
As we navigate through this endless maze

I’m out of the game
I think you’re more than imagination’s flame
I saw you in our connected visions
Whispering to let the flow guide decisions

I’m out of the games
I think my mind’s eye still frames
A picture of trust
That no amount of time could rust

I’m out of the game
I think I’ve grown into more than my name
But with your divine trace
I might grow beyond space

I’m out of the game
And never to get back in
But with your graceful aim
I might let reality re-begin


Another duet with the fantastic Ace! Make sure you check out her blog Fearless Free Soul.

Long-Distance Relationships

I have this puzzle
A map of the world

Which I’ve been putting
Together in private
And amorously slow

Not because I’m unsure of
The location of the pieces
But rather I wanted to rearrange the globe
So our countries aren’t
Disconnected by a sea

It took six seemingly endless months
But it was nothing, really
A few necessary adjustments

Even when it’s make-believe
I always place you next to me