I’m missing           my yin
No longer am I at peace
Just       i n      p


                                 e             c



Drifting  slowly   away    from    light
Half my soul has                 departed

If yin is    earth     darkness       cold
Why do I feel colder since you left?


Thanks to Bree Leto for writing the companion piece to this. Check “Yang” out here: https://secretthoughtswithin.com/2021/07/03/yang

83 comments on “Yin

  1. […] To read the companion poem to this one, see Benjamin Grossman’s “Yin”. https://benjamin-grossman.com/?p=3542 […]

  2. michnavs says:

    ouch.. the feel of this..

  3. Secrets says:

    Oh, the cleverness of you, loving your layout. Thank you for inviting me to join you Ben, always a pleasure.

  4. Lokesh Sastya says:

    The word cold can be used both positively.

  5. Lokesh Sastya says:

    and with a bad impression.

    We want peace after war.

  6. KK says:

    Very cleverly put, Ben! I liked your formatting of pieces, giving a pictorial representation. Well done 👍

  7. Filarance says:

    Wow..! Brilliant write Ben..!

  8. I love the layout of the poem, too. Very inspirational.

    • Thank you, LuAnne. I checked out your blog and its so good. Wu Wei is probably my all-time favorite ideas. The art of doing nothing; you explain it wonderfully. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  9. Kritika says:

    Fantabulous by both of you. Marvelous arrangement of words and with feelings attached. Superb.

  10. VJ Knutson says:

    The heart and soul chilled – feel this.

  11. Love this, Benjamin. Brilliantly done! Both pieces are amazing.❤️

  12. Brilliant! I like how you put the word “pieces” in pieces.

  13. crimsonposy says:

    Again, beautifully written. Felt the sorrow in such few words. 💙

  14. Ace says:

    Ben, this is so effortlessly beautiful! The formatting adds such depth and emotion that truly brings your words to life. I can feel the heart, love and feeling here…it’s just perfect. Both pieces together are amazing too…well done to you both 🙌🏻🤗

  15. Brilliant! This is a great idea! 👍🖤

  16. Sunra Rainz says:

    A lovely and clever arrangement and minimalist expression, Ben, beautiful. Though of course, I hope you’re not feeling this way ❤ Yin is also a transformative darkness, the silence of things mending together, I always feel. Hope you're well 🙂

  17. Oh wow, I can see creativity dancing with words here.
    Well done!

  18. Both of you did a great job, Benjamin! You are so creative! 🌞

  19. Oh wow! This is indeed a very creative piece of work Ben. I could see and feel your words !!

  20. Shanyu says:

    This is just phenomenal. Like everyone else, love the formatting. Not only is it creative but also unique. Love the steady rhythm, almost like prose. Wonderful.

  21. Hi Benjamin,
    I love this, and the companion piece.
    Very clever!
    Blessings! ♥♥

  22. Marlapaige says:

    The layout is exceptional. And when the cold departs, you feel numb but still cold.

    • Appreciate your thoughts. Cold and numbness are really powerful ideas/images.

      • Marlapaige says:

        It is merely what your poem evoked in me.

      • Well that’s cool. That’s the best if art can make someone feel something more than indifference!

      • Marlapaige says:

        That is the beauty of books, paintings, sculptures, poetry, music, love… all evoke feelings far more potent than indifference could ever dream of being

      • So true, so true! I agree with you completely. It’s why art is are most beloved history.

      • Marlapaige says:

        Yes… and why artists are not universally adored,but have their fans in like-minded individuals. The good artists transcend one group and are well known enough that every group, no matter where they typically fall, can find solace and comfort in the emotions evoked, because they are not alone.

        “Night” can evoke the beautiful serenity of a night under the stars, the yellows displaying the brightness of each moment spent gazing. Conversely, its use of blues, dark greys and blacks can evoke a feeling of the way one is feeling in the moment – the broad brush strokes hinting at how all of life is dark and sad. The bright patches of yellow, a promise for a better tomorrow.

      • Yeah, you’re right. The greats really transcend all the boundaries. That’s exactly right. They break out of all those taboos and truths we think should exist. Well, I love everything you’re saying because I’m very much into poetical histories and you’ve kind of started one with colors here. Very neat idea.

      • Marlapaige says:

        Thank you.

        You seem to really like the randomness of my mind. Other people look at me like I’ve completely lost my mind LOL

      • Well, yeah, I kinda fall in love with randomness. But I don’t think it’s ever as random as it seems. Every idea is connected to another. Nothing begins from pure emptiness, really. Nothing about your mind is any less beautiful than another’s. Stay positive about yourself. You have lots of great thoughts within you!

      • Marlapaige says:

        Oh, you misunderstood me, I LOVE my randomness. and I love that it gets triggered by something and it makes me enjoy that something more. Other people can’t necessarily follow it, which to me, is their loss. But I do spend a good deal of my life getting odd looks. It’s nice to meet people who don’t think that my randomness is weird or something worthy of sheer dumbfoundedness. And I appreciate that you seem to appreciate the quirky brain that I was born with.

      • That’s really cool. Cheers to randomness. I see what you mean in these things. It’s all about finding others who are a bit quirky. Almost all of us can fit in. I’m glad you like your randomness. That’s awesome honestly 🙂

      • Marlapaige says:

        It is a part of me, and that is someone I have learned to embrace. It can be too random even for me at times, but I love the fact that I can read something, like something that you wrote, and my brain says “RESPOND!” and I do. Most other people (from what I can tell, especially the ones that give me the weird looks) couldn’t do that if their lives depended on it. They couldn’t hold an entire conversation in poems as I have with others on here.They couldn’t speak to someone using only song lyrics by one artist as I have also been fortunate enough to do on here. They look at me because they think I’m odd, when in reality, they are judging because they themselves do not have the same abilities as I am displaying, so they don’t understand it. I get that. I don’t understand how someone can stay in a relationship after hands have been raised. That is now how I am, but people do it all the time because that’s how their brain works for whatever reason. They cower and I hit back. They think I’d be crazy to take on a man who raised his hand to me, but that’s the way my brain works. You start it, I will finish it. But I much prefer ideas and words to fisticuffs. But different people see things in different ways. I appreciate the gifts I have, even if they make no sense most of the time 🤣😂

      • I hear what you’re saying. Some of your traits I think I might have as well. I could totally do that song lyric thing at times. And … just stay true to yourself. It sounds like you are. So that’s awesome. 🙂

      • Marlapaige says:

        ” just stay true to yourself” #goals, #truth

  23. Your are the Master of this form of poetry, Ben..this style that is ironic but also deeply moving and even your layout speaks clearly but we feel sentiments of deep feeling, behind the crafted lines. So good!🌹❤️🦋🔆

    • Wow, Karima. You honor me so much with your touching words. They mean a lot to me and I can’t fully describe this with words on a page. I’m thankful for your support and presence. ❤️ 🙂

  24. Diana says:

    Wonderfully done, Ben! I saw Bree’s piece, loved that too! Great take on yin and yang! Stay blessed and have a lovely weekend! 🌹💖🤗🙏

  25. The presentation enhances the beauty of this poem

  26. Love the layout!! Beautifully done!

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