Skyline (Lyrics + Song)

[Verse 1]

I never knew that it could feel like this
And I … never knew that love could get this big
You only find this on a movie screen
I think I found it in a real-life scene

You were smarter before we met
And I … was nothing but an idiot
Cause I … didn’t know that love could grow this big
Or that … I could feel like this

You’re my, sky-sky-sky-line
All the time-ime-ime-ime
And I rise-ise-ise-ise
When I’m by your side-ide-ide-ide

The stars align-ign-ign-ign
When you walk-alk-alk-alk on by
My eyes-eyes-eyes-eyes
All the time-ime-ime-ime-ime

[Verse 2]

I never knew that it could feel like this
So I … never really dreamed of this
But I …. want to hold on to this
For forever’s lifetime

I’ve been smarter since the day we met
And you … still think I’m an idiot
Cause I … see forever within our kiss
I’m doing everything to hold on to it


34 comments on “Skyline (Lyrics + Song)

  1. You are so talented! Happy to see you posting songs. Replaying this one too haha. Love this one. 💞

  2. Love it, Ben! Great song.💕❤️💕

  3. This is a fantastic song, Benjamin. Very approachable and real. 🙂

  4. Chris Hall says:

    This is so wonderfully catchy, Benjamin! I’m going to be humming along to this one! 😎

  5. I really like the sound of this, Benjamin! What talent! 🌞

  6. Sunra Rainz says:

    Hi Ben! Thanks for your wonderful visit the other day 🙂 It’s wonderful how immersed you are in your creativity right now. I like the tap-tap-tapping of the drums especially in the background. Nice work!

  7. yunya says:

    Love it…..🥰

  8. Cassa Bassa says:

    It’s filled with sweet love!

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