What Is Poetry Anyway?

Forget the sensuous rhythms, the candlelit flows
The flame-drenched language
                                and the exaggerated escapades

Forget the masterful forms, the dreamy refrains
The count of lines and stanzas
                      and the elaborate rhyming schemes

Forget the scathing irony, the fanciful similes
The absolutely astonishing alliteration
                         and the mind-blowing metaphors

Forget all that glitter and just keep the gold
        A poem isn’t a poem
                                                Unless it’s about you


Here’s also the first version of this poem, which I’ve been working on for too long.

A poem is not a poem
On the page
Unless it’s about you

Though it may feel and look
Like some poetry
It’s not the same

Every word decays
In my candlelit mind
Unless it’s about you

Often lines and stanzas
Go astray, too, when
A poem is not a poem

Because there is no prose
Or even rhyme
Unless it’s about you

And in my heart and
On the page
A poem is not a poem
Unless it’s about you



I’m missing           my yin
No longer am I at peace
Just       i n      p


                                 e             c



Drifting  slowly   away    from    light
Half my soul has                 departed

If yin is    earth     darkness       cold
Why do I feel colder since you left?


Thanks to Bree Leto for writing the companion piece to this. Check “Yang” out here: https://secretthoughtswithin.com/2021/07/03/yang

Fucked Up (Song Lyrics + Song)

You kinda love me in a fucked-up way
The way you love me I could never stay
I sorta knew that it would go this way
I never really thought you would stay

I’m just a puppet in your master plan
Had me eating out the palm of your hand
I even wanted to be your man
Nobody else could ever understand

You kinda left me in this fucked-up state
Took for granted everything I gave
If it meant something I cannot say
Our love was always doomed for the grave

You kinda want me in this fucked-up way
Even though you have no plans to stay
It’s kinda crazy how it goes this way
You love so much and then it fades away

It’s kinda funny how it goes this way
You love so much and then they never stay
You love so much and then they never stay
You love so much and then they go away

I loved you so much but you did not stay
I loved you so much but you went away
I love you so much but you would not stay
You broke my heart when you left that day

Nobody else should ever feel this pain
Nobody else should ever feel such pain


This song went from a very upbeat sounding song to more of a slow song with only four chords repeating, which reiterates the cycle of loss. It’s interesting to try writing something out of your comfort zone. Sometimes trying a different artistic medium opens your mind up to higher creative endeavors. If you can: try to do something totally different with your next piece. Thanks for reading and listening!