My Ra

Ra was a divine being
And so far I can’t find
Any evidence to support you’re not.

Some say he created us
Through sweat and tears
I’m not saying
You’ve done the same
Yet there are times
I’ve felt baptized in yours
Thought you were the only reason
The gods ever created human beings.

Ancient Egyptians often
Called themselves: “Cattle of Ra”
I’m not ashamed to say
You’re my shepherd
I’d follow you anywhere you lead.

Now, Ra is best known as a sun god
The ruler of both the Earth and sky
And, of course, it’s true you rule mine
But maybe you’re nothing like him
Because the way you shine
Blinds the light.


I grew up down the street
From a seminary
A very spacious place
Sprawling buildings
Acres of green
Fences all around and tennis courts
Something almost like a fairy tale
But that’s not really the point

I’m about to go there now
Not to admire the beauty
But to enlist my soul
To another kind of heavenly devotion

This might sound trite
But if I can’t have you
I’d prefer to stay unloved

How could I ever move on
With anyone who doesn’t
Have your name?
Your face?
Your voice?

I swear, only God could compare.