The Universe Wants An Us

It’s not you or me, really
It’s the stars, the poles
of magnets, the hands
of the gods, the three Sisters of Fate

Well, sometimes it’s only you
And, sometimes it’s only me

But also, the tides of love, the gravitational
pull of celestial spheres, chemistry and chemicals,
hormones and synapses, butterflies and that winged boy with arrows,
pen and paper, tea leaves and tarot cards, and
social influencers, bloggers, rebels, dreamers, lovers

See, really, it’s not up to you or me

Because if the universe wants an us
Who are we to go against the universe?


I hope they come in reckless swarms
Blow in like the worst storms ever seen
Breaking windows and tearing off doors
Flooding my inbox with inappropriate messages
Even rushing toward me with lusty hands
Wearing mouthwatering lingerie
Or nothing but flirty smiles
And in numbers too large to count
In fact, I hope they come
Nonstop, every day
Just so I can show you how
I’d turn them all away in favor of you

Simple Lovemaking Directions

1. Slowly … melt the pole of the Frozen North.

2. Travel and/or dock along the borders, consisting of

the West Coast and the Eastern Seaboard.

3. Move inland, flooding the Deep South.

4. Abandon or go down with the ship.

5. Drown, even, if you must. Or …

6. Float safely skyward toward the heavens.


You remind me of nowhere that exists
A masterpiece no painter could ever paint
An opus no composer could ever create
A dream that could never be dreamt
A planet in a galaxy far, far away
Never to be discovered by a mortal

Little Gifts

On Christmas Eve my father gave me bruises as a little gift. He dragged me down the stairs by my long hair and beat me under the tree’s lights.

“You think Jesus never got a whipping for doing something bad?” he yelled.

He wasn’t drunk and he wasn’t out of his mind either. My father just beat me because he was mean. I didn’t even know what I had done wrong.

“You’re a leech,” he told me. “A leech.”

I wasn’t even sure what a leech was but that night I looked it up in the dictionary.

On Christmas morning my father woke up with my teeth in his arm. That was my little gift.

“What are you doing?” he yelled.

“Being a leech,” I said. “I’m a leech.”

My father didn’t call me a leech no more after that but he did knock out my front teeth. They were just baby teeth, though. I didn’t need them anyway.

Still Developing My Love Formula

Newer Formula

Love = Unconditional [Empathy + Friendship (± √Romance)]Everlasting

Older Formulas

1. Love = [Inner Beauty + Self-knowledge + Reflection]Mind + (Honesty × Compassion × Loyalty)Trust + (Cooperation × Continuity) − Hatred (Emotional + Physical)

2. Love = Inner Beauty of Mind +  Self-knowledge of Mind + Reflection of Mind + Honesty-Compassion-Loyalty of Trust + Cooperative Continuity – Emotional Hatred + Physical Hatred

3. Love = Inner Beauty of Mind + Cooperative (Trust + Continuity) – Hatred

These are my ever-changing love formulas, but what is your love formula? I’d loved for you to share!