To Rule My World

You don’t need ocean eyes
or               sun-flecked hair.

Neither               a body soft
as a pillow         nor a smile
that lights up the night sky.

A figure that fits into an hourglass
A walk that sways the trees to fall

none of this is necessary.

To rule my world
it’s quite simple:

All you need to be is her.

Creative Nonfiction

I’m in the desert right now
with a winter coat on and
I’m cold.

Only you know why.

So you don’t forget me
I wrote you a new poem
for the next 365 days.

There’s no need for
you to read them, though.

They all say what I said before:
I love you and I wish
you’d leave him.

Some may think
I write this to woo
but really it’s to steal.

I’m a romantic criminal
An imposter, a fake.

I wanted someone else’s
future. That’s what this has all been from the start.

But I’m giving up here.
I have no more words
to write

so if you don’t hear from me
in the next 18 hours or so
just know I’m walking
in the desert alone
with a winter coat on
and I’m cold.

What I Really See

Not your hips swaying
to the rhythm of love

or your full lips pressed
gently to an apple

Not even your breasts
nestled into cleavage

But rather extensions
as in roots and branches

and tall family trees
with fruits overhanging abundantly

But also ceilings and walls
and floors and fences

Or rather my future
set in stone.

Nominated: Sunshine Blogger Award


The Rules:
• Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.
• Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
• Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
• Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.
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This is the Sunshine Blogger Award. My nomination comes by way of J. M. Lilin. Follow her blog if you haven’t already. She’s beyond amazing! But don’t take my world for it. Find out yourself.

Questions for me:

1. What author do you look up to most? Roald Dahl; he was the first novelist that actually made me care about reading books. But mostly I look up to artists in other mediums than writing.

2. Do you prefer to be alone or to be in the crowds? I prefer to be alone. Or in a crowd if I was holding the hand of the right person!

3. If you choose to have a special ability/super power, what would you choose? Teleportation. But like that movie Jumper or maybe just Nightcrawler from the X-Men maybe so I could see the one I love anytime I wanted, even if only for a moment here and there.

4. When you were younger, who did you want to grow up to be? Michael Jordan. Who didn’t want to stick out their tongue like that while dominating the competition? Or maybe … Jordan Knight, the lead singer of the New Kids On The Block (totally used to reenact “Baby I Believe In You” live video as a kid; watch that one from the 90’s) … or maybe … it changed from day to day.

5. Did you ever have an imaginary friend? No. Never. I had a poetic alter ego, however, but he rarely ever comes out now.

6. What fiction character do you feel like you relate to the most? Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh. If anyone wants to take these dark clouds from above my head, you’re welcome to.

7. What truly inspires you to write? Love in its many forms: the love of something (a person, music, art, etc.) I learned long ago you can find inspiration in anything. But for me it’s mostly the love of music which I find as my number one inspiration. Well, I shouldn’t say that. Really it’s always HER. Just HER maybe.

8. When it comes to writing, does the city or nature inspire you most? Nature. There’s much more beauty in natural-made things. If you want a cure for almost anything it’s already out there in nature. When did we forget that?

9. When did you start writing? The third grade (or maybe before). I wrote 100 pages of some story that had to do with my life living as rock.

10. Have you published or ever written a book? Written numerous books; most of them nobody has ever seen. I had one book published years ago. The Land Without Footprints: Shadows Amongst Shadows (2013).  It’s a fantasy novel about a world where there are no laws and only books have survived of Earth’s culture. Unfortunately it’s out of print, but maybe I’ll post the rest of it on this site soon … if I get around to it.

11. Would you rather read or write, and do you prefer nonfiction or fiction? I’d rather write when it’s going well and read when it’s not. I prefer fiction. But I have to read everything I can about history and philosophy and science and sociology and music and…. So, both are good.

Questions For My Nominees:

  1. What genre of music do you think your writing falls under?
  2. Do you prefer falling or landing?
  3. Would you take a one-way trip that landed you on Mars?
  4. What does your writing space look like?
  5. Did you like reading when you were young?
  6. What would you tell your younger self … if anything?
  7. Anything you care to share with the blogging world that you haven’t told already?
  8. Tell us your favorite place to travel or the place you hope to travel to next?
  9. What is next for you writing-wise?
  10. What’s your favorite thing to write: poetry, short stories, or novels?
  11. What novel would you choose to re-read for the rest of eternity?

My Nominees:

I wanted to nominated everyone. 11 is never enough. But have a look at these wonderful blogs!

  1. Cassa Bassa
  2. scifihammy
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  8. Lia
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  10. wardah
  11. Garima Rawat

How We Met

Sometimes I tell them
it was on a sun-drenched shore
and you came rising
out of the sea wearing
foam and algae and
seashells, always seashells,
a school of rare fish in your hair, too.

Other times I joke
you fell from the stars
and straight into my arms, with

pieces of cloud about you,
your skin all heaven-scented.

Once I even lied—
pretended we entered this world together
something like Jacob and Esau,
except I was holding onto your
hand instead of your foot.

But most of the time
I just tell the truth:
I don’t know how we met
I just know it was in a past life

True Love (Song Lyrics)

[Verse 1]
We started in the middle of a love song
The world said that we wouldn’t last long
Everything we did was deemed wrong
They think we’re nothing but a one-off

But I see albums in your eyes
And I reach heaven through your mind
Wish the rest would recognize
True love never ever dies

[Verse 2]
We started at the end of a story
The world said that we wouldn’t see the morning
Everything would turn bloody and gory
They think we’re nothing but a prologue

But I see chapters in your eyes
And I reach heaven between your thighs
Wish the rest would recognize
True love never ever dies

I don’t need your first kiss
I just need the last
I just want the future
I don’t need the past

My soul is your soul
Life moves way too fast
My soul is your soul
So let’s hold onto that

We started at the best part of the movie
Then paused so we could feel forever fully
We started at the best part of the movie
Then paused so we could feel forever fully

But I still see sequels in your eyes
And I reached heaven when I recognized
True love never ever dies
True love never ever dies




I hope they come in reckless swarms
Blow in like the worst storms ever seen
Breaking windows and tearing off doors
Flooding my inbox with inappropriate messages
Even rushing toward me with lusty hands
Wearing mouthwatering lingerie
Or nothing but flirty smiles
And in numbers too large to count
In fact, I hope they come
Nonstop, every day
Just so I can show you how
I’d turn them all away in favor of you